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Grease Trap Service

Our patented grease trap service not only cleans your waste water going to sewer, it increases the life of the grease trap and lowers your grease trap odour significantly. We do this by preventing the waste in your grease trap from breaking down & creating sulphides which are corrosive and smelly! This helps to keep your grease trap clean, reducing odour and pests. Our process does not allow fats and oils to build up and it keeps the sides and bottom of the trap clean. Unlike many other grease trap companies – we don’t use soil injection to get rid of waste or convert fats and oils into compost. We recycle our reclaimed waste into biofuels. Because we use the same truck to clean your grease trap and collect your used cooking oil you have less truck movements on site, less disruption to employees and customers alike and you only have to deal with one company for all your liquid waste needs. Because our trucks are designed with efficiency in mind, we only take away the waste materials which means our trucks can service more customers, which means less trucks on the road which is better for all of us. Call PumpFree Energy to find out more.

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