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Used Cooking Oil Collection

Used Cooking Oil is a fact of life in restaurants. It’s messy, difficult to handle and you have to deal with it week in week out. We know how important it is that your used cooking oil collector is reliable, professional and services your site when it is required, not when it fits in into their collection schedule.

Getting it wrong is at best inconvenient and a hassle, at worst it can be downright dangerous with oil spills, slip hazards and equipment that’s just not up to the job. At PumpFree Energy we have the right expertise, the right equipment and the right attitude which is to service your business when you want and in the way you want. 

We can collect your used cooking oil at the same time that we service your grease trap. One truck can do it all, which means less disruption on site for you. Importantly, you don’t have to rely on guesswork to tell you how much oil we took away. Our trucks have load-cells which produce data to say what material we took, how much and when. You can use this in your sustainability reporting to show your customers how much waste you are diverting and recycling. If you manage a chain of restaurants you can even use it to benchmark site performance and inform your decision-making, training and site performance.

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