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We’re proud to be recognised for our sustainability efforts and progress towards the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals through Ocean Impact Organisation and the Banksia Foundation Sustainability Awards

Celebrating innovation for a sustainable ocean, from over 200 entrants across 38 countries, PumpFree was recognised as a Finalists in the inaugural OIO Pitchfest2020.



Australia’s longest-running and most prestigious business sustainability awards, the Banksia Foundation Sustainability Awards recognises businesses making progress and impact towards the UN SDGs. PumpFree has been named a finalist in the small business category. 






PumpFree Energy creates sustainable solutions for People, Planet and the Customers we work with:  

Benefits for People

On average each person produces around 8kgs of grease waste per year. PumpFree Energy cleans this waste and transforms it into new forms of renewable energy. 

Consumers don’t need to change what they eat or how they eat.  By simply enjoying the same meals as before at a venue that works with PFE the hidden problem of grease waste now has a positive impact – reducing pollution, diverting waste and creating clean biofuels. 

Benefits for the Planet

Our technology once fitted into a grease trap, significantly reduces the waste and pollution that goes to sewer ending up in our waterways and oceans. Our technology was independently measured to reduce Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD) a measure of the amount of organic contamination in the water by up to 54%, Suspended Solids was reduced by up to 75% and the amount of Fats, Oils and Greases (FOG) going to sewer by up to 65%.

One litre of oil can contaminate up to one million litres of ocean water. *

The fats, oils and grease (FOG) that we collect is sold and processed into renewable energy in the form of biofuels. Contributing to the circular economy by producing a resource from a waste material that would otherwise damage our ocean. We reduce pollution and CO2 emissions. 

* Waste Oil Recycling | Recycling Your Oil (


Benefits for Customers

  • We spend less time on-site, reducing truck movements, because we only collect about 25% of the volume (just the waste) that competitors do. 
  • Our trucks weigh loads in real-time to give you accurate reports on how much material was removed, of what type and at what time. You can use these in your sustainability report to track the amount of waste you divert and benchmark performance over time.
  • Our technology significantly reduces the odour from grease traps, making the environment better for customers and team members alike.

PumpFree Energy is also positively contributing to at least six United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. 


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